I went with a co-worker to see Spiderman last night. The pre-movie commercials had just concluded as the lights came on and the fire alarm sounded. I still might make it tonight.... Time will tell.

The trouble with ice cream

We went and saw Something's Gotta Give this Friday evening. It's a great movie. There is a scene early in the movie where the principle players are in a small grocery and one is eating an ice cream cone. If you watch the scene closely you'll see the cone is eaten down and then in the next shot is back to being well above the cone. Ice cream is something that would make shooting tough.

The good Elf

We went and saw ELF tonight. A throughly enjoyable movie. It is a bit slow in spots. Overall, however, it is a quite enjoyable movie.

Also enjoyable was a theater where they serve popcorn the right way. The practice of serving real butter on popcorn in the bag is the best. Too many theaters give you bags of popcorn that were made up some time ago and then you have to put topping on just the top.

Runaway Jurry

We went and saw Runaway Jury last night. It's a pretty good show. It has some good twists and fits with other Grisham books in having a message of and right winning in the end. It doesn't have the kind of building action and suspense that The Firm did but it's a good show worth putting on the Netflix queue.


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