Gateway tablet PC

This is my first post from a Gateway tablet PC that I'm testing at work. It seems pretty cool. Of course it uses Windows XP instead of a great operating system, but it seems pretty good. Now I'll have to try the tablet features too.


Started unpacking the G5 Xserves today and their Xraids. There is documentation that implies the raid controllers fail over but it appears they do not. So, we have more controllers than necessary as the raids are only half loaded.... Also I'm not sure what Apple was thinking with the "key" on the front of these boxes. If you haven't seen it the "key" is a small hex bolt. I guess it is for securing against people who lack tool bags. Better setup a Swiss Army checkpoint at the door to the server room.

So late as to be embarassing

Gartner recently released a report saying that the "unauthorised and uncontrolled use of portable storage devices" could pose a security risk. You don't say?What ever should we do if we didn't have the folks over at Gartner to write reports and tell us, the pedestrian technologists we are, about a four-old-problem. What's next a report saying that guns in the wrong hands kill people? Gartner suggests being very careful about preventing the use of unauthorized devices.... Don't look now but that photo


We got the satellite internet setup this morning. It seems to work pretty well. In the few minutes I played with it the latency was noticeable but not terrible. We'll have to try some video and see how it goes. More to come I'm sure...

A DIY-IT Conference

Doc Searls comments today about the idea of doing a DIY-IT event. He suggests a conference along the lines of BloggerCon. I'd love to see about hosting something like that here at UNLV. The thing would be finding the right time. A good time for the school (with space available) is in the summer though the thermometer might indicate a different time of year. Spring break is one possibility though it is always tied to Easter so some folks won't want to be gone late in the week. Possibly the end of Winter Break? Just before the spring semester starts? It will be a cooler time in many parts of the country and a nice time to visit the warm Southwest.

What is to come?

Apple today introduced a new line of Power Mac G5 computers. The recent spate of announcements makes the Keynote at the World Wide Developers Conference in two weeks all the more tantalizing. I will be among the many in the audience for the presentation which should bring some exciting announcements.


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