Test Task

This is a test task. How well does it work? We will find out. If this works then TasksPro from Alex King now posts to Drupal.Test of Bold

Yup it worked!

To post to a Drupal Blog you have to give it the URL of your add page. For many this will be similar to and you'll be good to go.

Internet Cameras

I'm looking for anybody who has experience with internet cameras. The DLink DCS-5300 Internet Camera seems like a fairly good option at a reasonable cost. Are there better cameras out there?

Can blogs be useful in business

I'd read this article in the print copy of Fast Company and had been waiting for it to hit the web. The article hints at some ways blogs might be useful in business.

RSS vs. Atom part II

Dave Winer launched a new round of discussion over RSS and Atom this morning. So far his proposal to merge Atom and RSS seems to be getting some constructive conversation going without degenerating into the flame wars of the recent rounds of discussion.

Wireless in Wichita

I'm posting from the Wichita airport. They have a great free wireless connection! Something more airports should figure out will make their customers much happier!


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