Sun completes StorageTek byout

Today brings the news that Sun has completed its $4.1 billion acquisition of StorageTek. The deal leaves some analysts puzzling over why Sun would make the deal.

Questions remain about whether it will be a good deal for Sun in the years to come. What is clear is that several StorageTek executives made a killing in the deal.


On the list of things not to do: don't accidently run "rm -fr directory/ *" when you mean "rm -fr directory/*". The effect is not the same.

The RegisterFly Debacle

Wow! This is a huge mistake in the making. It all started a few months back when a colleague was looking to register a domain name. Another colleague suggested All went well and both colleagues were happy.

Earlier this week I finally got around to getting out from under Network Solutions. I'm tired of paying premium prices for terrible service. So having collected several domains I'd left with another terrible registrar (EnameCo), I set out to transfer the domains to RegisterFly.

Trade secrets

O'Reilly's is giving away one of my trade secrets. Though the article is in a Windows spot on their site it is far from Windows specific. The reality is Pivot Tables are one of the greatest features of Microsoft Excel on Macintosh or Windows.

LexisNexis adds RSS feeds

LexisNexis now has RSS feeds. Unlike the West Group (WestLaw) feeds these feeds are canned instead of the custom queries available in West's products.

More on the Treo650

Well after a few hours of wrangling I did the Treo update last night. The big news is that as advertised it added dial-up networking so the phone can now be a bluetooth modem (which I haven't tested yet). The slowness problem is still there though. It is a bit more annoying now though. The screen comes up to 90% complete instantly and then the same delay plagues waiting to be able to use the phone. Humbug.


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