MarsEdit/DirecWay problem

I've started using Ranchero Software's Mars Edit and am pretty happy with it. This post, however, is happening the old fashioned way - via the web page. This seems to have to something to do with a conflict between Mars Edit and my DirecWay Satellite Internet Connection. It works just fine on my laptop at work and elsewhere but when trying to update over the satellite link it fails to parse the XML. My guess is it has something to do with the "web page optimization" that DirecWay is doing causing problems.

Even so I'm still posting. There seem to be those who are too busy with new toys to remember all their fans.

iPod Shuffle an opportunity for Podcasters

Michael Singer's article on the iPod Shuffle demonstrates the bias that a handful of programmers would like to present. The article Apple's iPod Shuffle Stifles Podcasting quotes pundit Doc Searls, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, citing problems moving around inside a podcast. His take is that it is a problem on the regular iPod and instead of fixing the problem Apple eliminated the functionality.

Hopefully the people have tried to set the record straight about the incorrect stories in the tech press, will not ignore this issue because they are on the other side. Here is a bit of the reality for those who stop by. Many are a reprise from my earlier article on what Podcatchers (podcast listeners) want.

iPod Shuffle and audiobooks

Apple has posted a tech tip about on the iPod Shuffle. Three cheers for a superb implementation. Put it in shuffle mode and it knows to skip the audiobooks. The only minor thing that would have been nice is a way to tell Autofill to include books but putting them on manually is a minor inconvenience.

AppleMatter has a of the iPod Shuffle and iRiver's CEO proves they .


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