RSS gets new life

It looks like in the last few weeks, the RSS Advisory Board is getting back into business. According to the chair of the board Rogers Cadenhead they will be working towards working with the developers of Atom and RDF Site Summary on things like the Feed Validator and having a common icon for web feeds. Could it be that the format wars will subside and web feeds will be set free?

RSS could have saved the day

Among the worthless stories on NBC tonight was a note about the failure (again) of the system that is to provide scores and results to the print media pool at the Olympics. We'll skip the question of where the bloggers are for the moment, but a quick look at the official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games shows RSS could have gone a long way to easing the problems. Wouldn't it be great to have a feed for each of the sports areas that are already on the schedule and result pages.

What should have happened is that there should have been an RSS system in place to offer results feeds to the print press and the world alike. Viewers at home could skip the repetitious hours of watching rowing crews navigate straight down the lane, or bypass the unbelievably bad coverage of the Russian men's gymnastics team (which only showed their mistakes) and could instead get what they are interested in. Oh, yes, we would have missed the description on CNBC about the server being a sink holding the scores and the drain is not big enough to get them out to the print media.


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