Gray's Law

Wikidumper has the definition of Gray's Law which is being considered for deletion from Wikipedia. Gray's Law states:

"Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice."

This describes perfectly an experience this week at Del Taco. I pulled up to grab a drink from the drive through. The line was long stretching from the window back to the car in front of me at the ordering position. One by one the cars ahead advanced except for the one in ordering position. Eventually I realized the car in front of me wasn't engaged in ordering and the line was empty. With no-one behind me I backed out and pulled in to a parking space and went inside. Once inside I observed two employees talking on the phone on apparently personal matters. The two clerks who were manning the front, including the one with the "drive-through headset" on were huddled in the corner talking and laughing. Eventually while I was getting my drink the car at the drive-through ordering station pulled up to the window. In a brief exchange the kid working the front told the driver that the person taking drive-through orders was busy and the driver left.

One can safely assume the driver won't be back for a while at least. He might even swear off DelTaco in general. But assuming he only holds the shabby treatment against the one store it is reasonable to figure these employees probably cost this store a couple hundred dollars a year. Assuming my observation of the incompetence was the norm it is easy to say it is "sufficiently advanced incompetence". Let's say they do this once a day to one car at the drive through. Assuming they only manage to anger single-occupant cars this daily incompetence would likely only cost the business tens of thousands of dollars a year. Throw in a couple of multi-passenger vehicles and one is soon talking about much larger amounts of cash. So in this one instance sufficiently advanced incompetence certainly does seem to rival malice in the losses it's causing this one store.


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