Daylight Savings Time

Dave Winer suggests on his weblog that clocks on Macintosh computers don't automatically adjust to Daylight Savings Time. This is incorrect if you have the time set to automatically sync at least. Not only does it know when to end daylight savings time but it knows that for the time being Indianapolis is on Eastern Standard Time, at least until next spring when Indiana begins observing Daylight Savings Time in April. All of this comes just in time for the new federal law which will change the dates for Daylight Savings Time in 2007.




...given that daylight savings time doesn't start until October 30, it's a bit odd that he's talking about it in a October 29 post...

I'll be so happy when

I'll be so happy when Indiana settles down into a time zone. As someone who lives in east-central Illinois, I like to fly out of the airport at Indy (much easier than Chicago). However, you always have to stop and think about what time zone Indy is in at the moment and I know more than one person who missed a flight/was way too early!