Comment Spam

A couple of days ago I upgraded to the latest version of Badbehavior to deal with comment spam. Later the same day a friend asked if I'd upgraded and I said yes, wondering why the question. Of course it turned out there was a new version out in the hours between my upgrade and his question. So it goes....So far Badbehavior 2 doesn't work with Drupal 4.7 (or any version for that matter). I've yet to put in any cycles trying to figure it out. Today I did downoad the Drupal spam module again and we'll give it a spin. Having been hit with comment spam the last few days it will be good to see if the spam module works. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...



Try comment closer module

I used to use BadBehavior, but it blocked too many legitimate users. Instead, I switched to comment_closer.module (, which disables comments on nodes after a set period of time. I'd say that it stops 99.99% of spam these days, though I also have the spam module as a backup.

So, if you don't mind closing comments on nodes that are over a month old, it's probably worth giving a try.

Good idea

Tim, Thanks for the suggestion. I tend to get few comments and many of the good ones are on older posts so I've stayed away from comment closer. The only problme I've had with BadBehavior is it doesn't like CURL calling for cron jobs. An entry in the whitelist solves that though and its been extremely rare I have a problem with a legitmiate user or bot.