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Coffee. Idaho style. years 11 months ago
any word on when streaming will be fixed? — 6 years 11 months ago
I was told my code was so elegant it needed no comments :) I think you’re popping my bubble. — 7 years 2 days ago
It is too late for 2017 but it would be wonderful to see regional companies all across America plan Spitfire Grill for 2018. 7 years 2 days ago
Labels matter … sometimes more than others … it’s wise to consider the user might interpret it differently years 2 days ago
4YO: How old to I have to be to watch Dr Who — 7 years 2 days ago
Number one sign you haven’t had coffee. Putting whole beans in the filter instead of the grinder. — 7 years 2 days ago
Worthwhile recommendations for protecting your digital life years 2 days ago
RT : Student walkout at Capitol in - attracts 500+ students and supporters. years 5 days ago
In the alternative it would be extremely helpful to have a sync option for NextCloud/WebDAV for things that can’t sync otherwise — 7 years 5 days ago