Public interest or pocketbook protection

The Rocky Mountain News puts forth its arguments for voting against Amendment 36. The proposed amendment in Colorado would make Colorado's election of electors proportional instead of the more common winner-take-all plan of 48 states. Their first argument is that it would reduce Colorado's influence in selecting a president. However they don't disclose their interest in keeping it. The true interest has less to do with what is best for the people of Colorado. The argument is that a candidate won't spend time in a state with a 4-5 difference in electors compared to a state with winner-take-all and 9 electors. What is more to the point for the Rocky Mountain News is that their ad revenue will decrease if the "interest" of the candidates decreases.

Here a huge media company portrays the interest of Colorado voters as it's main point. However it fails to mention that for decades media companies of all sizes have depended on the revenue from elections to provide great profits.