Apple to ship macs with Windows installed 'very soon'

It is a day early for Friday funnies but this email from Examsoft today was too good to pass up:

Dear Administrator,

SofTest was certified to run on Mac OS X running Windows XP with the beta version of Boot Camp in the spring of 2006. August 31, 2007 marked completion of our first complete academic year (9/1/06 - 8/31/07) supporting this platform. Over this past academic year no issues have been reported to us running SofTest on this platform with either XP or Vista. We purchased the new Leopard OS (with the now supported version of Boot Camp) and have tested SofTest running XP and Vista on this platform without incident. SofTest is now certified to run on Leopard through Boot Camp. We will continue to support SofTest's use on this platform moving forward.

Apple's release of Leopard ( confirms that not only is Apple moving forward with Boot Camp, it is now an integral part of their operating system and contains its own "Boot Camp Setup Assistant" to simplify Windows installation. It appears that their marketing strategy is to make every Mac computer Windows-compliant as they now even install all necessary drivers. Based upon Apple's aggressive marketing, it seems inevitable that Mac's will be shipping with Windows pre-installed in the very near future. Some vendors are already offering pre-installation of Windows on Mac's as an option.


Maribel Olvera
ES Client Support Manager
ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc.
350 Jim Moran Blvd., Suite 120
Deerfield Beach , FL 33442
[O] 866.429.8889 ext. 116
[C] 561.573.1090
[F] 954.429.0733

Yup the handwriting is on the wall. Apple's going to start shipping Windows computers and paying all sorts of licensing to Microsoft in the very near future. And remember you heard it from Examsoft first! All this leads one to understand why even law schools who have long used Examsoft are making the switch away from testing software to other solutions.