Mr. Deity - mid-week video diversion

Last week's conference exposed me to the wonderful Mr. Deity video series. The episodes are available on You Tube or through the podcast directory on iTunes.

Inbox Zero.... schmero

The picture at the right, showing some 520 unread email messages comes courtesy of the combination of the import_node module, Organic Groups and a successful import.

Note to self and others: when you're importing a whole bunch of Organic Groups you might want to turn off email notifications before proceeding with the import.

An upside to poor education

Perhaps the drive for better education is overrated. If everybody had a reasonable education in math it would not have been possible for my $6.00 sandwich and my $1.75 soda pop to end up totaling $6.75 at the local delivery place. With enough math like this Nevada's budget could be balanced overnight.

Apple to ship macs with Windows installed 'very soon'

It is a day early for Friday funnies but this email from Examsoft today was too good to pass up:

Dear Administrator,

SofTest was certified to run on Mac OS X running Windows XP with the beta version of Boot Camp in the spring of 2006. August 31, 2007 marked completion of our first complete academic year (9/1/06 - 8/31/07) supporting this platform. Over this past academic year no issues have been reported to us running SofTest on this platform with either XP or Vista. We purchased the new Leopard OS (with the now supported version of Boot Camp) and have tested SofTest running XP and Vista on this platform without incident. SofTest is now certified to run on Leopard through Boot Camp. We will continue to support SofTest's use on this platform moving forward.

Applied technology

The brain drain has been a consistent concern amongst portions of the American population. Great concern has arisen over the declining scientific education of Americans and restrictive laws preventing important medical research. Today however we get word that we're being left behind in applied technology as well. Two German students have come up with an intelligent beermat that has applications from letting a bartender know who needs a refill to casting votes in barroom contests.


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