Former Senator Dole on NPR

Former Senator Bob Dole was on Morning Edition yesterday talking about his new book. The interviewer asked him about plans to scramble the rules in the US Senate in order to weaken the minority Democratic Party and push through judicial nominees. Senator Dole suggested that Republican lawmakers should tread very carefully. The rules protecting ensuring a voice for the minority party are very important.

Several other important topics need to be covered here. In the coming days expect to see more about Community Development Block Grants (CDBGs) and developments with the sudden halt to a small town school construction project that leaves the students worse off than when the project started.

Still no action on Medicare

A trust-manager friend of mine described a near crisis from a few years ago. It seems, with a flourishing economy and several years of balanced budgets America might be headed towards a debt-free future. You may remember those days when the progressive Democrat was in the White House. The concern was where would trust managers find high-quality well-backed debt when the United States Government stopped issuing Treasury Bills. It would be difficult to find a replacement for Treasury Bills that offered the same sort of security and guaranteed return.

What a difference a day makes

On Monday it seemed the rancorous debate was nearing an end. Both sides of Schiavo vs. Schiavo would allow Mrs. Schiavo's wishes to be honored. As with many an uneasy truce, it was too good to last. Today the Schnidlers brought one-time presidential hopeful Jesse Jackson in to stir the pot. Reports suggest he was not terribly successful except in stirring up expectations. Today CNN is reporting that the 11th Circuit Court will hear an appeal. There is no indication on the court's website, nor could they be reached for comment.

As if the circus atmosphere surrounding one woman's desire to live and die as she pleased is not enough, Bob Schindler has sold the list of names of supporters gathered from the Schindlers' website, to a direct mail agency. The folks who were drawn in to trying to insert government into the marriage vows of husband and wife will now be solicited by conservative groups.

Homeland Security

With all the attention focused on protecting the US from terrorist threats there have been many reminders that often the enemies of justice are not foreigners come to attack our way of life. Since 2001 it has become easier to forget that our country has previously been attacked by our own citizens. Today brings the sad news that a judge and two officials were killed in a courthouse in Atlanta. This follows the murder last week of a federal judge's family members.

Four arrested in Sandy Valley drug raid

The San Bernardino County Sun reports four people were arrested Wednesday in a raid of a weapons and drug cache. Karl Turner, 30, and Stacey Coday, 29, residents of the home on Krantz Road were arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and stolen property. Albert Kelly, 50, and Larry Benge, 30, were also taken into custody after officers reported finding drugs in their possession.


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