Aircraft security or insecurity?

The local news had a segment tonight on a convention of aircraft and small aviation company types (charters, general aviation etc.). One of the self-anointed experts who talked to the media gave the usual "I'd tell you but 'they might be listening'" kind of answer about the security topics they were covering. Now which is more likely - that a potential terrorist is attending the convention or that a potential terrorist is watching the local news in a relatively small market hoping to get some pointers. Gee, I feel so much safer now.

A new judge

The Review Journal has a nice picture of the investiture of Judge Markell formerly a professor of law at UNLV. Congratulations professor Markell!

1984 +20

The New York Times is having to sue Ashcroft because the Attorney General is in the process of trying to get records of all telephone calls between two of its journalists and all their sources (and presumably hair dressers, baby-sitters and others). The Orwellean AG is going way over the line again. How long will it be until the National Rifle Association realizes that Ashcroft means to track their guns via third parties? It's all a lie folks. The Bush administration has proven time and time again the only things they are capable of doing are 1) lying to Americans and 2) taking away the rights that were given in the Constitution.

It's simple, really simple.

In September of 2001 a group of terrorists attacked the United States. Now, more than three years later the most powerful nation on Earth has failed to capture or kill those responsible. Instead we've spent billions of dollars on a war with different enemies. What George W. Bush did is like seeing our country attacked by Libia and in response we go to war with China.

How can anyone consider supporting a commander in chief who can't track down and capture or kill their enemy after more than 3 years.

Why Hamm should keep the Gold

The International Gymnastic Federation is trying to get Paul Hamm to be the scapegoat for their officials mistakes. Several commentators have taken positions and explained why he should keep it. (They are all correct for different reasons). Surprisingly what hasn't been brought up is what NBC showed during the individual competition. Had the South Korean performance been re-evaluated it should have not only started .1 higher in value but had an additional .2 deduction for having too many strength elements. So while it's true that we can't go back and can't figure out what would have happened if we could have a do-over, we do know that the South Korean score would have gone down if it was re-evaluated.


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