Sex Ed

In a truth is stranger than fiction story Ananova reports today that a German 30-year-old woman and her 36-year-old husband were told to try having sex as a cure for their infertility. Purportedly the couple, married for eight years, went to a fertility clinic to find out why they could not conceive.

The West Wing

Dave Winer asks today "Does Rumsfeld read Scripting News?" The query runs parallel to a thought I had last night after watching The West Wing. I was hoping that there are people inside the oval office watching. The writers for the show seem to have a much better grasp of what is happening in Gaza than do the current occupants of the White House. The show did a fantastic job of presenting the complexity the situation and touching on the plight of the individuals caught up in the situation.

On the Tonight Show Jay Leno quipped, in a statement hopef

Firepower photos

The Sierra Tarn Gallery has photos from the 2004 Firepower Demonstration on the Nellis AFB range today. A spectacular show including a complete combat search and rescue (CSAR) demonstration. Thanks to the Air Force for allowing us to attend.

Firing on all cylinders

National Public Radio's Morning Edition with Bob Edwards was firing on all cylinders this morning. We've come to expect a great deal of good in-depth reporting and this morning there were several good stories about topics ranging from the trend towards working for yourself to proposed spyware legislation.


It's amazing that the Bush campaign is attacking the wartime record of Senator Kerry. A group of people who did everything they could to avoid serving their country on the front lines and who have the military so ill prepared for deployment that according to CNN "U.S. troops [are] buying own armor for Iraq duty., want to debate whether a soldier, injured in battle, was injured badly enough for a purple heart.


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