The top 100

The US News rankings of graduate schools came out yesterday. Our own UNLV Boyd School of Law ranks in the top 100 for the first time. Congratulations to all who put so much work into building the school into a prominent school so quickly.

The spin machine

I usually turn to NPR because I expect to get a balanced approach to stories. Certainly there will be people with agendas and times they will miss the mark. Unfortunately NPR proved this week they are no different when it comes to the spin machine. After more than 24 years of hosting Morning Edition Bob Edwards was tossed out by NPR this week. No reasons have been given other than wanting to take the show in a new direction. The NPR spin makes it sound like Edwards wanted to leave. Perhaps NPR should explore taking the show in a new direction - back to its roots.

The new chapter

Today begins a new chapter. For the past few days I've been awaking earlier as the anticipation builds. In a few weeks I'll be leaving the Colorado spring behind. It will be replaced with the bloom of a desert spring. I'm leaving the place I've called home for the last decade to become the Director of Information Technology for the Boyd School of Law at UNLV. I have learned so many valuable lessons from the people I've had the opportunity to work with at StorageTek and EDS. I will miss greatly the great people who I've come to know on the Larimer County Search and Rescue team as well as the Larimer County Sheriff's Department and support team. Thank you all for helping make me ready for the next step.

It would be much harder to leave were it not for the wonderful group of people I'll be joining in Las Vegas. Each of my meetings with the people of the law school has shown me a kind of energy and enthusiasm that exists in few other places. It is a place, filled with distinguished people at all levels, that combines the energy, enthusiasm, and nothing can stop us attitude of a start-up company with the finest of academic scholarship and exploration.

Matt Raible:

Do you censor your blog? The question is an interesting one. I'd put it in a bit different terms.... How do you censor your own blog? There are undoubtedly things that blog authors think of but for a variety of reasons they get left out of their blog.


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