What will be the lesson of the DNC bloggers?

Michael Markman, a longtime reader of this site, writes: "It looks like the bloggers at the convention have very little to say except, 'Look! we're blogging at the convention. I just got credentials." I respond: It's just the second day, and the first convention. Of course the first comments are going to be It works! And maybe that's all there is to it. We'll find out. You can't hurry love. - Dave Winer, Scripting News

Dave Winer was interviewed this morning on National Public Radio about being at the Democratic National Convention as one of the bloggers with credentials. I was excited to get in and read what he had to say about Clinton's speech last night. There are many things we see eye-to-eye on and some we do not. Winer has been quite critical of Clinton on his weblog. I was curious to hear what the experience of someone like Winer would be while seeing someone reputed to have such a powerful presence would be.

Multi-piece masts

I was given a great idea when I needed to put in a mast for the satellite internet transmitter. The mast, which needs to be made from schedule 40 2-inch galvanized pipe, is a massive 10 feet tall. To make it easier to handle we cut it into several pieces. That was a great idea until it came time that the satellite dish was mounted to the top, serving as a sail as well the dish has done a better job of tightening and loosening the threads than we ever hoped to. It turned out that we weren't able to use the nifty t-joints we'd put in to run the cable as we'd hoped. Note to self, next time

Driving Naked

I spent most of today driving wihtout a flasher for the turn signals. It would not have been so bad but when it fails the turn signal won't come on. It leads to an odd feeling as though one is driving totally exposed. It is worth remembering for VW Passat owners that the flasher is the hazard flasher. I had two parts stores not sell one telling me it was different than the turn flasher. The $30 part from Volkswagen includes the push-button control for the hazard flashers. The flasher unit itself mounts in the dash right behind the button.

Congratulations Professor Markell

An announcement from last week on the 9th circuit court website announces that UNLV's Prof. Bruce A. Markell has been appointed to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for Nevada. The announcement covers many of his professional accomplishments. What is not adequately covered in the announcement is how instrumental Prof. Markell has been to establishing a wonderful law school.

Colorado ICC Report Released

I have been debating whether to comment on the Indepent Investigative Commission report on the University of Colorado's Athletic Recruitment Practices. The Final Report was issued yesterday. I was debating until I began reading. There are countless disturbing findings. One, however, stands out immediately

"Tharp was heard on more than one occasion saying that coaches had to maintain a façade of “plausible deniability� – a term commonly understood to mean a purposeful lack of documentation or witnesses who could confirm that those in authority had necessary information – with respect to allegations of partying by recruits and hosts. The implication of what one former Athletic Department employee called a “don't ask, don't tell� policy is that Athletic Department leaders did not want to know, because if they didn't know, they could assert that there was no problem.

Negative blogs

Dave Winer posted a comment today about misinformation he's read recently in blogs. The comments he mentions are comments about himself. Somewhat understandably he doesn't link to them as this would take more traffic to them. However this lack of linking means the other users of the internet are not aware where these sites are. Instead we are left to do our own searching of blogs to find them and link to them. Doesnt' that break the whole concept of blogging? As Dave says, and all should know, the information you get on blogs is not 100 percent accurate.


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