Drupal everywhere

Echoditto and Lulu are two of several companies I've encountered using Drupal. The best kept secret in content management systems (CMS's) seems not to be such a secret for those who are looking to do the heavy lifting.


At the time it seemed like a good idea. A dozen or so hours ago I was working away on the new photo website for Nevada Boys State. It is a work in progress that shares web space on this server. There were a few glitches that made setting up Gallery in a sub-directory of Drupal difficult. I found a way around that and all was good to go. The Boys State photos aren't quite up yet, but everything else looked good. So I headed out to go on a horseback ride.


There comes murphy! I didn't check to see that I didn't make a boneheaded mistake and leave my main websites down all day. Of course, having failed to check they were down. Tonight a few tweaks on the Boys State site and then a click to test and the '404 Not Found' error pops up. Head over to the error logs and sure enough nothing has been working all day.

New microphone for podcasters

Griffin Technology has a new Lapel Mic, a stereo microphone that will work with the Griffin iMic. Touted as being good for "reporters, presenters, and students," this microphone should pair nicely with an iPod for mopdcasting (mobile podcasting).

The 20 minute podcasting experiment

Matt Raible says it well with his review of podcasting. "I'm over it." It would be very good for the podcasting crowd to pay a lot of attention. Raible is a bright guy and very tech savvy who does all kinds of tech things. Podcasting has to grow up very quickly if it wants to be more than a campy echo chamber.

New header graphic

In honor of rotoravi8r's blog we have a new header graphic. It is not a Blackhawk but an Air Force Pavehawk. But it is a rotorcraft none the less. This was from a picture I took in May 2004.

On a separate note, birthday wishes are in order for the Mars Rover Spirit. Although planned to live a useful 90 days, after one year the craft is still roaming the martian soil.

Nothing to say?

The topic of needing something to say in order to have a blog came up at lunch today. The answer is obviously no, you don't have to have anything to say. For New Year's treat yourself to getting started and just write about anything or nothing at all. In time it will come together, probably in a way you cannot now imagine.


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