Podcasting Pleas

I've taken a couple of weeks off from listening to podcasts and listened instead to a few great books. Now that I'm getting back to catching up on podcasts I have some pleas for those who are trying to make this a going concern.

  1. Don't bash the iPod - there are plenty of links and time devoted in podcasts to how terrible the iPod interface is. One of the most common complaints it the inability to fast forward and rewind. This is not an iPod problem, it is a user problem. Every day I happily fast forward and rewind through selections. It is not complicated you simply hold a button down, no need to even look at the iPod itself.

    As an aside it is interesting that the same people who complain about not getting credit will post links saying "What's wrong with iPods," instead of "The iPod is by far the best mp3 player out there. Here are some additional features I'd like."


A new format for a new year. We now have an Atom feed for this site.

Comment Spam Blocking with Wordpress

For the WordPress users out there there is a write up on doing spam post blocking.

I'm on the fence about Bayesian filters and content spam. The online casino folks who are spamming away the last few days use text that is not necessarily what I want to teach my filter to sort out. It would be a bit better if it matched content with the post to see if text from the Gettysburg address is appropriate to the context. The filtering of URL's and words in content spam prevention seems to be more useful so far.


Dave Berlind comments on some complications they have had because Dave Winer doesn't title his items. (Note: Dave Winer responded and said it isn't "always true." which is correct.) Berlind is trying to put together a portal aggregator and the lack of titles is problematic. This is why I generally have dropped more than one Manilla feed from my RSS reader. It gets annoying to either see something that makes no sense (if you look only at titles) or to see the first few words repeated. There are so many great sources of information in RSS land that are usable by a variety of consumers that those who refuse to take readers into consideration will continue to cede their positions.

Some rice with your Curry?

I'm trying the attachment. I was looking at Adam Curry's site where he talks about Google picking up on his move. The ads I saw pointed out another problem with computer matching words. Google serves up an ad for Curries of the World on Adam Curry's site. In this case Curry != curry.


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