APC for PHP on Mac OS X

In talking to a fellow Drupaler recently I realized I'd started to setup APC on the server some many months ago and then was sidetracked before it got done. A quick search revealed this article has the necessary steps. (PECL installation doesn't quite work on OS X using the Entropy PHP distribution).

Trading Time Capsules

Here's a quick random thought. As has been pointed out on some other blogs one of the shortcomings of the Time Capsule is that it only protects against some kinds of needs for data recovery. One could add a little bit more protection without sacrificing the convenience by swapping time capsule's with one's neighbor and having your backups live at their house and vice versa. This only works for people in houses close enough for it to happen and doesn't protect against all ills like a flood wiping out the neighborhood but would likely provide some protection against a house fire... of course the resulting physical insecurity of all your data means you have to really trust your neighbor.

Uncluttering with Fluid

A fellow Drupaler, earlmred, mentioned an application tonight in that I just had to try. Fluid is a handy application that creates single-site web-browsers. These single site browsers aren't technically limited to a single site but are designed to be small applicaitons that separate many of the web applications we use every day into separate applications. No more hunting for which tab is that Unfuddle account open on. Now I simply go to the "Unfuddle" application. Better yet, it works well with QuickSilver so now instead of opening a new tab it's easy to switch back to the active application where you left off. So it's only been a little while but I'm already digging Fluid.

Lullabot workshops and server rebuilds

Lullabot LogoIt has been a busy 2008 so far. I spent the first full week of the year at the in beautiful, rainy, Portland. It didn't take long to figure out that I also really wanted to head off to the in February as well. I came home ready to wrap up a couple of projects and spend countless hours working on patches and uber-cool modules and hacks for all kinds of sites.

Problems combining PDF's in Automator in 10.5

Recently getting into job looking mode has led me to brush off the Automator routines for combining PDF documents into one document. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working in OS X 10.5 (or 10.5.1). A Apple Discussion Forum post suggests I'm not the only one encountering the problem.

When you run the action in Automator it works like a charm. When running the action as a plug-in in the Finder the action swirls for a moment and then nothing happens. From my testing it does not seem to matter what is done with the output of "Combine PDF Pages" nothing happens from there on.


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