Story of the leopard

The story of the Leopard Install. Install Leopard... oooh ahh wonderful. Open mail... wait for database conversion. See that Mail Act On is disabled. Sob. Cry. AHHHHHH. Find this post about Mail Act On and start breathing again.

The problem with sync

Apple's page trumpeting sync services in Tiger makes it sound great:

Sync Services Supplied
Tiger advances the state of the art by integrating intelligent, high-performance sync services right into the operating system. In Tiger, the preferences and controls for what, when and which devices you want to sync appear inside your favorite applications, such as Safari, iCal, Address Book and Mail — including multiple Mail accounts, Mail rules, signatures and Spotlight-driven Smart Mailboxes.

Indeed these features were prominent two years ago when Tiger was making its way to release. It is puzzling then that the state of sync is so poor in OS X. Here's a brief list of the most disappointing:

SOHO Organizer gets a paid update

Chronos the makers of SOHO Organizer have posted a paid upgrade to version 6. I spent time troubleshooting the last paid beta the company released over a year ago. Presently while I am not in the market I have to wonder at the fact that the Chronos technical support forums have been "discontinued". On January 26, 2006 Chronos had posted a policy that helped make the forums ineffective when customers, tired of delays, broken software and broken promises, took to posting comments that revealed the incomplete and broken nature of the software. Evidently sometime between January 2006 and mid-2007 the forums were taken down. One wonders if the reason for this was to help prevent would-be purchasers from discovering what past buyers thought of the money they'd spent.

Simplify with Dashalytics

It was a weekend for cleanup and getting data sorted. One tool which I'd let fall behind in updates is the excellent Dashboard widget Dashalytics. The widget makes it easy to keep an eye on one or several sites being tracked by Google Analytics.

In good news it looks like a cooler spell is coming. Breaking the 100-degree mark early in June is certainly not the norm, but by the end of the week Southern Nevada should be back in the double digits and Reno will be downright cool with its sub-70 degree highs.

Importing Eudora to Apple Mail

Looking at the excellent Take Control book series I came across Eudora Mailbox Cleaner which looks really interesting. It has been a while since I did the last Eudora conversion but it may be helpful for some folks who are still looking to migrate.


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