One of the brilliant people I talked to this week turned me on to MAMP. The MAMP software makes it incredibly easy to experiment with different settings and have several test environments on a computer at once.

Upgrading MySQL on Mac OS X Server

It is pretty straight forward to migrate an OS X Server's native MySQL 4.1 to a MySQL binary installation of MySQL 5.0. After backing up the databases and /usr/bin install the new binary. Once that is done link /usr/bin/mysql files to /usr/local/mysql/bin.

Two changes are necessary to get everything working. First /etc/my.cnf needs to look at /var/mysql instead of /usr/local/mysql/var for databases. Second since Apple sticks the socket file in /tmp/mysql.sock (come on Apple what are you thinking?) a symbolic link is necessary to have it work properly. The link should point to /var/mysql/mysql.sock (unless you've modified the default config).

The last step is an updatecheck and permissions check.

Apple's laptops impressing Windows users

A recent AP article reviewed the new Apple laptop lineup with a focus on the impressive MacBook.
With extra software, the newer Macs can run Microsoft Corp.'s Windows as well as Apple's Mac OS X. This could spell trouble for notebook makers who can't offer the best of both worlds, particularly in light of the MacBook's starting price of $1,099.

This is something that other computer companies should take note of. Especially in light of the lackluster customer service. For example since March the university I work for has been trying to purchase UPS power supplies for our computers. Our sales person at Dell has been the most uncooperative possible. Whenever I ask who we can talk to at Dell about the string of commitments and broken promises I'm told to talk to the university. Not once has the sales person or anyone else at Dell acknowledged that their failure to be able to ship equipment when promised or that they need purchase orders faxed three or more times is a problem, not of the university's failing but of the business providing the service.

Some great OS X Firefox links

Weeks ago I wrote about my migration to Firefox as a web browser. While it is great it still lacked some of the really nice OS X features of Safari. Tonight while reading through some of the daily sources I read, I came across a post on Hicksdesign that has several great extensions and outstanding themes.

Software Update and DirecWay Error -1011

With consistent problems on my laptop doing software updates I went looking for the information I'd come across before about how to fix it. The method of fixing it is removing a bad cache file. During the search I came across this Apple Knowledge Base article. Rather annoyingly Apple's solution is to suggest calling Direcway for support. About as much help as trying to call a man in the middle of the desert for a glass of ice water.There is good to come from the search however annoying Apple's suggestion is. While I wasn't paying attention Apple released a Broadband Tuner last fall. It does the same thing as an earlier third-party script but makes browsing on a DirecWay connection much easier.


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