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New time zone for 2008

Just in time for 2008 the default timezone for this blog has moved to Mountain time. It comes in one of those odd situations where a move further West also means a move into a more easterly time zone.

We'll be right back after these messages...

My unintended and extended hiatus here will soon come to an end. This unintentional break has been brought to you by a series of rather interesting stories that will soon enough be told here. Long story short, never, never do business with a builder who puts falsified sold signs on their properties to try and pump up the market. Yes I should have known better but one always holds out hope that people will just plain be straight shooters even when the evidence suggests otherwise. Now if I could just locate some sane people in the real estate market. As I said more will follow probably next week when I'm back up to speed.

Upgrade to Drupal 5.0

This afternoon brought with it the opportunity to run the upgrade on this site to the latest version of Drupal. Along with the latest version comes a new theme and some new modules. For example it will take a while for me to get used to the WYSIWYG editor that I now have. Old habits die hard. Something with the upgrade caused the Color Picker in the Garland theme to refuse to work for a while. Finally I disabled all the modules and then brought them back one by one. That seems to have made things happier.

Unfortunately it is too late to stop by the bread store on the way home. I may have to settle for Frys. The problem with Frys is that I'll go and look for the sixth time for a keyboard. I won't find a good one there and will resolve to order one from Amazon, or maybe order two and test them out. Either way I'll go home later and not any happier. 

Updating old content

Readers subscribed to the RSS version of this site have seen several articles from before 1998 appear in the feed this morning. While doing a routine (if not frequent enough) check using Google's Webmaster tools, I discovered that there was some old content that had never been migrated into the content management system. A few minutes later and they were all imported. If you want a trip down memory lane check out the notes section from the old site. It was fun to see some of this old content and remember just how far we've come.

It does bring up a feature request for Drupal, however. It would be nice to have a way to add blog posts and selectively not have them appear in the RSS feed. This way when older updates are made they don't plaster readers' feed readers with tips on how to work with ten year old software.

Coming back...

I'm back from my vacation. We had a great week working with Nevada Boys' State in the northern reaches of Nevada. I'll soon be back to posting on a more regular basis.

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