The never-ending Register Fly problem

Having waited a few months longer than the required 90-days for keeping a domain with a new registrar it is time to be done with RegisterFly. If you've read this site for a while you may recall problems I've had with Register Fly. On the other hand Go Daddy has been a pretty good service. They lack a couple of features, like DNS wildcards, but are pretty good otherwise and I can live with the limitations.

Of course no Register Fly transaction would be complete without hang-ups. They don't want to provide the authorization code necessary for moving .org and .info domains. At no point have they said "no" but they don't respond at all. The picture in this post shows the lack of response from the supposed 24/7 live chat support. To top everything off of course there is one domain where the authorization email won't go through. And of course it is a domain I use and have owned for more than a decade. I'll be quite happy to be rid of the terrible eNom reseller. All of this does make one wonder that an ICANN accredited registrar is willing to continue to allow a reseller to besmirch their name.



Regfly Question

Hi Josh,
How did you manage to get the authorization codes for your domains from Regfly? I am trying to move my domains away from those crazy crooks and I can't see the codes in my account anywhere.

registerfly out of business?

We have over 52 URLs with RF and today we were unable to login to their site. What would happen if theses guys went belly up?

Perhaps they are having problems with server but seems weird.

Rick is AOL (and I don't mean America Online)

RegisterFly is by far the worst company I have ever had the pain of dealing with. Their system is constantly down or not working properly. They over charge and double charge. They charge for no apparent reason. They let domains expire despite the fact that you're renewed them (and despite the fact that they charged you). They don't respond to support requests unless you open multiple trouble tickets for the same issue. They don't answer the phone or their "live" chat. RegisterFly is a churn and burn scam. Avoid them at all costs! RegisterFly will cost you time, money, and possibly your domain names.

Registerfly is stealing our domains

Registerfly is stealing our domains
They don't renew the domains in time
They don't give as the auth code and they don't unlock our domains to transfer them to another registrar so our domains are expiring and they use them.
(in the past they stole my domains and and now they Stole, which expired and they didn't renew them)

Perhaps and are the same company because stole my domains and and now I see that are hosted to and play ads for

They connect with advertising companies or they have their one advertising company and they take advantage of the being registars and they are stealing domains from their customers which they use them to show advertising links for them.!!!
Internet is full of complaints about registerfly, it is a fraud company.
How do you let them be in business for so long.

Please someone HELP ME in order to leave from these crops.

We have problems with Registerfly.

We have problems with Registerfly.

They don’t send the author code in order to transfer to another registar.
Can you help receive the author code and can you unlock our domains to move them to another registar?

They don’t answer to our daily tickets and e-mails.

They don’t unlock any domain at all.


This is monopoly, and is forbidden by the USA law. You cover them because you know all this and you don’t do anything. You are responsible because you give them permission to use in every contact the word “ICANN Accredited Registrar”.!!!

This things are making aeroplanes crash your offices, don’t you see that?

This company take hostages thousands companies all over the world, and all this saw an bad image to USA and to your laws, don’t you see that?

Their purpose is to steal the domain names of their customers in order to put ads of the companies that guide them, don’t you see that?

Regfly stole my domain and won't provide epp code's

I tried to register my own domain name a few days ago and registerfly just stole it- it;s now registered to someone else! I am trying to move my domains away from them but they won't provide the EPP code's- does someone have a solution for this? How can I get my EPP code's???

If regfly has your domain,

If regfly has your domain, you can get the authorisation codes fomr their website

Once logged in go to domain management and click on the domain you require the code for
Clifk on the (+) then click on configure
At the bottom of this page it will be shown under Authorization Code




Contact the man below with every bit of documentation you have. He is the TuCows compliance officer (the actual registrar) and has the power to put the thumb on RegFly. I did, and got a call from the new RegFly OWNER (Robert) that day. Of course, then I then had his cell phone number as well. ;-)

It wasn't easy, it took several calls and emails but in the end my expiration dates were extended, I got my auth codes, and I transferred away to GoDaddy as fast as I could.

Paul Karkas
Compliance Officer
OpenSRS - Tucows Inc.
416-535-0123 ext 1625
direct line (416) 538-5458
fax 1-416-535-7699