The RegisterFly Debacle

Wow! This is a huge mistake in the making. It all started a few months back when a colleague was looking to register a domain name. Another colleague suggested All went well and both colleagues were happy.

Earlier this week I finally got around to getting out from under Network Solutions. I'm tired of paying premium prices for terrible service. So having collected several domains I'd left with another terrible registrar (EnameCo), I set out to transfer the domains to RegisterFly.

The first problems came when one domain wouldn't transfer in the RegisterFly system. It claimed it was locked but whois said otherwise. An email to support, a retry and it worked. Oddly no response came from support but what the heck it worked so I wasn't too concerned. Then a few days ago the first domain transfer went OK. I got the email, logged in to RegisterFly and setup the DNS. All looked good. Even if there were problems, there is the convincing "24/7 Phone Support" icon in the top right of the screen.

The death spiral

Today everything went bad. Network Solutions emailed that four domains, including had been transfered. No notice from RegisterFly. They still show the transfers as pending. So now there's no DNS, no email, nothing.

So a call is placed to the 24-hour support line. The guy who answers tells me that RegisterFly is a bunch of crooks and I should take my business elsewhere. He goes on to report he's constantly getting their calls transfered to his phone though he has no affiliation with them. For the next hour the phone rings busy. Finally it rings and I wait on hold for 45 minutes before a belated departure for work.

So now, going in to Friday it's been 10 hours since the domains were up and looks to be untold hours until the problem gets attention. It's also 60 days until I'll be transferring to



Beware - Read Before you decide to do business with Registerfly.

Here is my nightmare story about

I started service with registerfly on 06/13/05 and paid $19.95. This was for vps-hosting. I bought 4 domain names, transferred one domain that I have owned for almost 2 years and put protectfly on all of them.

On 07/13/05 I paid $19.95 again for my second month. Then registerfly had about 40 hours of downtime in 3 days, which they later downplayed to a couple hours. I emailed them and phoned them for three days with no replies. After the system was up again 3 days later, they finally sent me an email saying the system is now online and working. I finally got hold of someone there after several support tickets, emails and unsuccessful phone calls. They finally said I would get compensated for the downtime by giving me an additional 2 weeks. Instead of being billed on 08/13/05, they said I would now be billed on 09/01/05 and be billed on the 1st of every month after that.

Well on 08/13/05 they not only took another $19.95, they took an additional payment of $19.95. Nothing was supposed to be deducted until 9/1/05. I called them for 3 days and emailed them. They would not reply to emails. If they did answer their phone, they would not transfer me to billing. (this company has the worst customer service I have ever seen. EVEEER!).

I called my bank and cancelled my credit card and disputed the 2 illegal withdrawals. Once again, this was after 3 days and hours of emails and phone calls. A couple days later, they sent both $19.95 withdrawals back to my account and said I would be billed on 09/01/05.

I thought great, everything is all ok now.

On Sunday, 8/21/05, they suspended my account, shut down all my webpages, and said I owed them $109.00. If I did not pay this amount, they would keep my 5 domains and not allow me to move them to another service.

The $109.00 is itemized as follows....

2 chargebacks of $35.00 each = $70.00 They were charging me $35.00 for each charge of $19.95 that I had disputed. They also wanted both payments of $19.95 which they illegally took out. The two $19.95 charges were for services that they had not even given me yet. In other words, they wanted four payments of $19.95 when I had only been with them for 2 months.

My bank said they do not send a charge through for disputes. My bank never charged registerfly two payments of $35.00. I have no idea why they think I owe them for charges that they incurred when they billed me for money that was not theirs. At this point they emailed me and gave me an extension to call. I called one day and some guy would not shut up for 1 minute to allow me to ask why I owed them $109. He finally hung up on me. Then the next day I called and a women answered. I was trying to explain it to her and she said I had already talked to someone the day before for 2 hours, (it was only about a 5 minute conversation when he hung up on me). I said I wanted to explain to her why that $109 is not owed to them. She said she was too busy to talk to me and also hung up on me.

I called the Better Business Bureau for Livingston, NJ where registerfly is located. They said they have numerous complaints against registerfly and that they will not contact even the BBB to try and resolve issues. They sent me to consumer affairs to turn in a complaint. I am also going to send a letter to their attorney general to let them know of the illegal business activity in their town of Livingston. If anyone is trying to contact registerfly, here is the number and extension they gave me. It might help you get to their rude billing department.

Below is the last email I received back from them. They never sign their emails, so you can never deal with the same person.


*Your account has been suspended for chargebacks received. You are required to pay all the fees due of $109.90. Please call 973-736-2545 ext 125 for payment information.

Thank You* INC
ICANN Accredited Registrar

Unbelievable, after they closed my account, tried to bill my credit card on 09/01/05. Here is the message I received on 09/04/05. Once again be very cautious with your credit card info with these crooks (


We attempted to process your credit card for web hosting services for your domain name. Your credit card was declined, please take a moment to update the billing information, credit card number and expire date. We will retry your hosting payment again within 24 hours. If within 24 hours your card is still declined your account and all related services may be deactivated until the balance is resolved.

UPDATE YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION ------------------------------- You can update your billing information, credit card number etc via this link INFORMATION -------------------------------

Domain : xxxxxx Amt Due: 19.95
Error : Authorization Failed.
If you have questions please contact us at 1-973-736-2545 or


Feel free to visit my site and see the dozens of complaints against aka

How about another horror story

Now my story....

I have been a customer of theirs for over a year. I had a few bumps, but nothing major.

I was recently approached by a person in Taiwan to purchase one of my domains I had. Ok..fine... So I asked for $1500.00 US Dollars and he agreed.

I decided to use RegFly Escrow to protect buyer/seller - but I never thought I would need some protection for the protection(escrow)!

The sale completed fine. The buyer paid by credit card. My domain was moved over to him in 48hrs (he had a regfly account - so it was an internal transfer). Buyer was very pleased.
This was August 26th 2005.

Then the trouble began.

1. I contacted Sales to ask what happens next - to my money.
They told me I can have a check sent or leave the credit in my account and use it against any future regfly purchases. I wanted a check issued.
I was advised that it would take 3-5 business days.

2. After waiting more than the required time..nothing arrived. So I started opening up trouble tickets. Each one would be closed with either "Assigned" or "We had sent this to the proper department" - Still no reply.

3. I started calling. I called EACH day. I was on hold for over 1hr just to have some snot-*** woman answer the phone and tell me I need to send an EMAIL to 'sales' to ask for status. I asked to be transferred. She told me "sales does not have phones" - I certainly dont believe that. I told her I sent many emails - all un responded to. She told me there was nothing more she could do.

4. I then (after opening up more tickets and email to 'rapid') - was told that a check would go out Sept 6th 2005. At this point I felt better. I left for out of town and expected the check when I returned.

5. I returned on Sept 18th. No check. I called and was again told to email 'sales' as there was nothing the cust service lady could do.

6. I then opened up ticket after ticket..Each day, hoping to invoke some response. They would again close them with 'assigned' or 'Investigating'.

7. I received an email from the trouble ticket stating that this check must have been 'lost in the mail' and they were verifying with the bank that it was not cashed. I was dumbfounded after reading that. YEA RIGHT.

8. Days and days go by. Each time I am told they are checking with the bank.
then on Sept 25th I am told a check will go out FEDEX to me ASAP and that this will solve my case. I was excited. As usual, nothing arrived.

9. Sept 28th - I contact cust support. Was on hold for 1hr 10mins. This time "David" answered. (He reluctantly gave me his name). He placed me on hold and told me that the reason for the delays were that this buyer was in Taiwan and used the Bank of Seoul and that in this case the deal had to all be confirmed to prevent fraud. Well that made sense to me and then I asked him about the 1st check that was 'sent out' - He told me it was impossible that a check was ever sent. But that my funds were 'just released' and that I would be fedex'd a check no latter than Sept 29th via my own fedex account. I asked him what to do next when the check won't arrive. He told me to contact 'sales' email and put his name in the subject line. That made me nervous. I noticed about an hour later that the $1500 in my account on Regfly is now I felt that was a good sign that the check was 'in the mail'.

10. Sept 30th. No check arrived via FedEx. I immediately called RegFly and asked for David in sales. I was told "David?? David who??" - Oh isnt that just special. I yet again explained my situation - I was promptly told to email sales and that someone would indeed get back to me. Of course the entire day goes by and no one called/emailed. I opened a ticket's still open.

11. Sept 30th. I called RISK (ext 125) (the only people that seem to have phones) and was as polite as I could be to the lady that answered. I explained the entire situation. She told me she would certainly help me and make sure someone would return my call. I told her very nicely, that if this kept going on, that I would be forced to either contact the NJ Attorney general's office or sign up to participate in a class action lawsuit. I told her I certainly dont want to have to go to that extreme, but that $1500 was alot of money to me....No return call and no return emails still as of now.

I don't know what to do next.


Hostage Situation

Over the course of 4 months I constantly asked RegisterFly why they overcharged my credit card on several occasions. They never account for the overcharges. Finally, I issued a charge-back to get my money back. They moved my domain names into account fraud and said I owed them $100 for issuing a charge-back. They said they would freeze domain names until I give them $100. Basically, they hold your domain names hostage until you give them what they want. Stay away from registerfly.

Registerfly stole my domain

They have stolen one domain from me, and I have several others that they have yet to point to advertising sites. I'm just waiting for them to change the DNS records of these sites... I just don't understand how a registrar can have so much power with no recourse for the little guy?? What a bunch of crooks...

My story is at the webpage


They (Registerfly) are criminals

They have stolen a few thousand dollars from me. I've also lost one domain in the process. Because of this, didn't have the money to renew some others. When they actually do answer you, it's a lie, or not a direct answer. Never ever do business with them. You will very likely regret it if you do. So remember is a criminal company.

Fraudulent service, non-existent customer service-STAY AWAY!!!

Oh, where do I start? This is the WORST company in my experience on this planet (50 years). Thank the good Lord I did not have any of MY domain names with them (I use directNIC and am THOROUGHLY HAPPY with them in every area).
I used registerfly's "dropfly" service on 2/9/06 to "secure" a domain name that I wanted and that "WhoIs" showed that they were the domain holder. At the time I paid them $4.95 for this service (again, thank heaven it was no more than that). This fee was to secure the domain name, transfer it to my name and provide me with one year of domain registration. I was told that I would be able to have that domain name transfered into my name 60 days from the expiration date of the domain I was seeking (1/19/06, so 3/20/06 it was to be mine). I dutifully followed up on this on 3/20/06. Oh, yeah, their phone system; I called up, got in their qeue, held for 25-30 minutes, then had my call disconnected. Called in again, held for 30 minutes, had my call disconnected AGAIN. Called in a THIRD time; you guessed it. Well, finally on the fourth call (total of 2+ hours) finally talked to a human being. First of all, I had to repeat my username FIVE TIMES, the last three times I SPELLED it for them. Now, I don't have a speech impediment; I am actually quite good at using the English language (native, ya know), but I had to wonder if this person had more than a first grade education. It was unbelievable. Once there was some semblance of common communication I informed them of who I was and that I was checking on the domain that was supposed to be mine (xxxx.COM). I was put on hold for 10 minutes, they came back and said, we have it and have put it into your account. I assumed all was well. Checked it out; they had put in the .ORG domain of the same name - something I had never asked for or ordered. Not only that they charged my credit card (that they had kept on file) for a full years registration! I immediately called back. This time I only had my call dropped twice before I got a human. I then explained they had screwed up and put the .ORG domain nmae in my account, when I had only, ever and always wanted the .COM domain name, AND, that the original fee I had paid them was to include the first year's registration of the name. So, they reversed all that. THEN, they say, well you can't have the .COM name for anothe 30 days because of the redemption period. (Not what I was told initially.) After fussing and fuming over the past promise that it was mine, I reconciled my self to waiting until 4/19/06. Now, you might be wondering, why is he writing all this now since it is only 4/6/06? Heh, heh, heh. Having been through all I have been through, I thought it prudent to CHECK ahead of time to verify that all was on schedule to transfer the domain to me on 4/19/06. After getting through to a human on the FIRST try (miracle of miracles), I was told that, 1) I was not scheduled to get the domain name; and, 2) was not first in line for the domain name (even though I was told that in the beginning); and, 3) if I did not get the domain name (which I was PROMISED was mine, unless it was redeemed by the original registrant), that I would not get a refund of my money. Well, you can imagine there was no warm fuzzy feeling for me. Lies upon lies, upon misinformation, upon disinformation, etc., ad infinitum. I have pretty much reconciled myself to not seeing the domain and not getting my money back. After all how much more of my time is it worth? PLEASE pass the word along to AVOID this company at all costs. If anyone ever gets to the point they wish to start a class-action lawsuit against I would be a good candidate to join such an effort, just on the principle of the matter. Well, time to get off my soapbox.

Seems that they have made

Seems that they have made some MAJOR improvements to their services by launching a new website with new tools and functionality.

I took one for the team and was rather pleased with the experience for a change. Is it possible that RegisterFly finally listened to complaints and decided to do something about it?

Any others can share similar exepriences?

Cosmetic Changes

The changes seem cosmetic more than anything. It's a cleaner look but the functions and text are the same. The big problem is as you said you're "rather pleased with the experience". So were all the others posting here and elsewhere, until they went to make changes or had a situation where RegisterFly's system didn't work. That's when the problems start. If you're lucky once they do start (and they seem to for every RegisterFly customer) if you can get your domains back. The unlucky majority end up loosing their domain names.

Effing Idiots Can't Renew my Domain!

I should have known better. 3 years ago my band had an awful time setting up our e-mail (partly because it was our first try at a website and partly because RegFly's customer service is the worst). We moved on from them, but neglected to transfer over our domain name to our new host. It was on oversight on our part.

Now, approaching 5/27/06, my domain was going to expire. So I put the 8.99 in my account to renew It didn't work. I repeated 2 more times. No dice. I called customer service and a woman answered, saying she sees 3 transactions and she would refund me 2 of them. I said fine, but that's not what the website was showing. I checked back later and I see exactly 8.99 in my account. Fine. So I checked my site (it's the only domain I have on RegFly), clicked the renew button and went to Check-out. It said my site was "In Queue." Alright, sweet. I got my receipt on 5/22/06, a full 5 days before expiry.

I was making some routine updates to my site, FTP'ing files (my host is separate from RegFly, remember) and then I go to check the updates and get a Parking Page! What!?!?!

I called RegFly customer service (an oxymoron, it would appear) and immediately got a dude on the line, which was surprising. He said he would put the renewal in himself. Okay, sweet. Then comes 10 minutes of silence. Just waiting. Out of the blue, he pops in and says tech support says they're having problems with renewals and to check back "in the morning."

I asked, "when in the morning." He replied, "just some time in the morning." I replied, "it's past midnight already, it's already morning. When should I check in?"

He was flustered, and he unconvincingly told me to "try at 9 or 10, it should be taken care of by then." Obviously, it was not. I called again the next night and got a carbon copy message (check in the morning). When that didn't work again, I entered an online ticket venting my frustration.

To my surprise, they responded quickly and politely to my belligerent ticket, apologizing profusely and assuring me that the problem would be fixed in the next 24 hours. And if it wasn't, to write another ticket with my domain name and they would do it for me.

Sure enough, the problem was not fixed. I called again and pressed "2" for customer service/tech support, but only got customer service (which is the same as the previous calls I made. you're not allowed to directly contact tech support--wonder why?). He gave me the same story and I let him know I was very dissatisfied and then I asked to speak to his manager. 10-15 minutes of silence. In the meantime, put that line on hold and called my current hosting company (ipowerweb--not sure of their rep, but in over 2 years with them for my band's site and another personal site, I've had ZERO problems with ANYTHING) and eventually got a nice service rep. I asked him about transferring over my domain to them, since my hosting was there. He informed me I could have done it a while ago for free since I was already paying for the hosting. First of all I felt like an idiot, but then I felt even more shitty when I realized that because my domain is "expired" (technically in a grace period where nobody else can touch it), I can't even transfer it.

The other guy came back just as I hung up with the ipowerweb dude. He said his manager was "busy" and that there was nothing he could do about it. I said "I know."

And that's where I'm at now. They have me by the balls. I'm transferring to my current host as soon as my domain renews--but I fear it won't renew before it officially is expired. I wouldn't be surprised. In preparation for whatever action I might take, I'm saving any e-mail and internet correspondence with them. A legal battle seems silly for what amounts to less than 10 dollars, but having to refer people that come to my band's shows to our myspace site instead of the real deal is embarrassing.

I'm just pissed. I needed to vent. I'll come back when (if) this gets resolved. is a fraud is a fraud

They charged my credit card on failed transaction. I have sent several tickets to them, they always replied to me: "The money has been credited to your credit card, please allow 5-7 days to process". But I never got money back.

thank you. I was trying to

thank you. I was trying to sign up with them, but i was having trouble getting my domain name set up. I will try someone else.

Registerfly doesn't refund payments on failed transfers

Wow! I have just realized I lost a domain a few months ago because Registerfly failed to release the domain after confirmation. Good one word domain but in a .biz extension. I didn't realize it because i own thousands of domains and that was the ONLY domain with now i see what happened! But that's not what i am writing about. I sold a domain but for other reasons both the buyer and myself decided not to complete the sale and I reimbursed the buyer five times what he paid me.

However, the buyer had put in for transfer to registerfly. When i didn't confirm the transfer, it failed and the domain stayed at my other registrar. The sale didn't go through, registerfly did not take possession of the domain, but here's the fraud part... THEY KEPT THE BUYER'S $7.99 transfer fee and said NO REFUNDS, NO REASONS. All other registrars credit your account if the transfer fails. Not Registerfly. These guys are full on RIP OFFS and ICANN should shut them down PRONTO. Either that, or the NJ atty general office. is the best registrar, until they got bought by enom. Now who knows... i'll stick with either fabulous or moniker ,but nobody had a better domain management system than bulkregister. Maybe enom will learn some things and incorporate BR's system within their own puny system.

Reg Fly is Spamming Everyone!

There must be something we can do about all this spam. It seems registerfly is the culprit, with the nameserver as yet another way of getting around this mess.

We own and whoever is in charge of regis and name are spamming in our name. This is very easy to do obviously, but it is becoming increasingly burdensome. They are using our good name to send out pharmacy emails, sex emails, etc.

I have tried to contact ICANN, but they can't seem to do anything about it, nor does it seem they want to. There has to be a way.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Customer Service

RegisterFly steals your already OWNED DOMAINS!!!!!

I had similar experience with Registerfly. They overcharged me over $400 and it was up to me to spot it on my credit card. When it came time to pay my credit card I filed a dispute resolution and explained I was overcharged. I never called them disreputable, just said it must be some misunderstanding and asked that I not pay the $400 + until it is resolved. Well Registerfly suspended all of my domains, even some that I'd had for years and had nothing to do with their overcharges. They screwed up totally and blamed it on me!!!! and now they are trying to steal my domain names that I OWN! Can anyone tell me who to contact now so I can get the domain names transferred? I think they have them locked. REGISTERFLY IS UNSCRUPULOUS! They will create a nightmare for you with your credit card companies and no discount they offer is worth the trouble they cause. STAY AWAY FROM REGISTERFLY!!!!! THANKS TO ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME FIND RECOURSE TO GET MY DOMAINS TRANSFERRED TO REPUTABLE COMPANY. Thanks!

Stay Away From The Fly

I thought dealing with AT&T was a headache, until I had to deal with I transfered 266 domain names to them 2 1/2 months ago because they had a great tranfer special for $3.75 per domain name. I thought I had found such a great deal and therefore initiated the transfer from my current registrar. Up until that point, everything was fine.

Then I decided to tranfer hundreds of other domain names to I put $1,500.00 into my account and waited for the transfer to happen. Nothing happened. I was in a time crunch because half of the domain names were about to expire. I contacted Registerfly numerous times and was told the transfers were in process. They lied. I sent emails and called over and over again. They lied some more. No one provided me with a straight answer. Finally, I called American Express and disputed the charge. When Registerfly found out I disputed the charge, which was done because I never recived the credit Registerfly told me they issued, Registerfly suspended my account and transfered all my domain names out of my account!

To reinstate my account, they wanted me to pay $175.00 for their mistake. I finally got them to re-activate my account (without paying any fees) by saying I would reverse the charge back. They asked me to give them a second chance, which I figured was due to the fact that they didn't have the funds to provide me with a credit. So, the process started all over again and they burned me a second time!

So now, I am in the process of transfering all my domain names to my original registrar,, which is a great company, one I shouldn't have left in the first place. But, as I mentioned before, I thought I was getting such a great deal from When I attempted to transfer my domain names back to my original registrar, had all my domain names locked. So, that delayed things, but hopefully the transfers will go through and I will never ever have to deal with the idiots at

Once my transfers are complete, I will call American Express to dispute my charges once again. This time, however, Registerfly won't be able to charge me fees and suspend my account because I will be long gone. You can bet I will be checking my credit card bill for a long time, just to make sure any fraudulent charges don't appear from Get out your fly swatters. Registerfly needs to die. My prediction is that they will eventually be shut down for fraud.

Rather amazing

It is rather amazing that there haven't been major stories reported about Attorneys' General going after RegisterFly on a consumer protection case.

Registerfly Unifiednames


Registerfly did me wrong too

I never had a problem with them. It go the point all my domains (150) domains were with RegisterFly. Then crap happen.

As some of my domains were coming to a renewal state I began having problems renewing them. I would e-mail and call their support just to be told to try again in 6 hours.

I documented my problem and how I fixed it and renewed my domains. You can READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE.

Hope this helps other people.

-Dave Mora

Class actoin suit against Regsiterfly.

Go and check about the action against Registerfly

I hope you ca join us.

I've been with registerfly

I've been with registerfly for over 5 years , at one point over 120 domains created and bought , down to about 50 now .. just sold one for $950 and transfered to new owner
by having him get a registerfly account .. all went smoothly ...

1. Never buy webhosting from your registrar , any registrar, if there is a dispute regarding webhosting
fees , as some posting here have found out, they'll lock up your domains .. don't buy your domain name from your
webhost , don't even accept a free one , same potencial
problem .. you don't ultimately have Nameserver control.

2. When Registerfly went from being a reseller to direct ICANN registar, there was a delay of up to a week to get names renewed, I think because the companies they bulk bought from , like Enom , weren't any more co-operative than they had to be in making transfers .. I never lost control or had a domain *lost*, and currently renewals are taking 30 seconds or so ...

3. I was kinda PO'd when they stopped taking PayPal for so long .. but stuck through that and the interface change glitches .. I've only funded my account with what I need with a CC , not payed directly with a CC or allowed them *auto-renew* so they really can't make any charges (or chargeback fees) from me .. but seeing these posts , I'm going back to funding my account there with PayPal (now that they accept it again ) and having them remove my CC
info ...

all in all I like registerfly .. certainly better than all
the webhosting and webhosting resellers accounts I've had ... lol ... Got a nice VPS at an excellent data center now, but it sure costs me more than some 3rd tier, 3rd party $19.95 VPS from a registrar ..

Get out while the getting's good

As one who had years of no problems with RegisterFly before my problems began my advice is to get out while the getting's good. They seem pretty good when things go OK but the moment you have problems they have no way to resolve them. I still get renewal notices from them for domains that don't expire for years and are no longer registered with them. In my mind all would be different if they had semi-responsive customer service.

RegisterFly Is The Best!

You guys are funny... I would say you all are crooks. You all are trashing on for dumb reasons.. after reading some of your comments, I came to concluding that you all are don't know how to use RegisterFly idiots.


Almost interesting but aside from being nonsensical doesn't do much to describe how a group of people who have been ripped off by a company amount to crooks. Maybe RegisterFly is spending more time debating on blogs than fixing customer issues?

Another R'Fly story...with a bizarre twist

1) Was a customer of Registerfly since 2000 or 2001. No serious problems...

2) ...until this past month. At that point, one of my domains was set to expire on 10/18. But there was a descrepancy between my control panel and my whois information, one of which showed 10/1 (rather than 10/18). In consequence, it appeared that my domain prematurely expired on 10/1.

3) Tried to transfer the domain away from r'fly, but of course I couldn't because it had "expired." At that point, registerfly corrected the discrepancy in the dates. But to be safe, I opted to renew with r'fly. BUT: To renew the domain, it had to be transferred away from eNom (this was back when registerfly was a reseller). After numerous failed transfer attempts and phone calls, the domain renewed and transferred successfully. Of course, I paid them twice based on some bad guidance I received at one point, but I made sure the domain renewed for two years, which they seemed to have done. If we ended the story right here, I would conclude that they're mediocre at best.

4) But then something bizarre happens: a) Ever since 11/2, I still get nightly "transfer failed" notices in my email, even though I *know* that the domain transferred successfully (and I've verified this against several independent whois and dns lookups). b) The sum of $8.99 (that's the renewal fee) gets "refunded" into my so-called "Quick Pay" account, even though I didn't may r'fly any more money. In theory, then, I could use the Quick Pay balance against other r'fly services.

5) As if things couldn't possibly get more bizarre, they do. You know what I did? I'm trying to be honest--even with people who are jerks-- so I open up a trouble ticket to point out the technical glitch that was working *against* them. You know what they do in response? THEY IGNORED THE TICKET! In fact, except for two instances where they debited nominal sums against the Quick Pay account, they've taken no fact, they've closed the ticket on this issue no less than four (4) times! And the last time was after I updated the ticket to warn that I was not going to babysit they billing department any longer.

6) Oh, and did I mention that at one point, I sat in their hold queue for over 30-40 minutes prior to being dumped into voice mail? At long distance rates, no less!!

I'm not going to do anything with the Quick Pay account, as tempting as that might seem. I'm just going to take the high road as to that. But I'll be curious to see how far the balance rises before they finally quit playing games (if at all). Meanwhile, I only have two domains left with r'fly. I will let one expire outright (because it's no longer needed), and the other will be transferred out as quickly as I am able to do so. Thankfully, I safely transferred out two domains already.

In all this, I can't say I've been ripped off as yet (knock on wood). But it is clear that r'fly treats their customers as adversaries. You almost wonder if they actually go out of their way to make people upset.

To those who have reported good experiences all along, all I can say is, be thankful. But I would submit to you that you haven't had any reason to call customer service or open a trouble ticket, either. When you do--and sooner or later, you will--you will rue the day you even considered use of this company. --SJR

They are Crooks and a Rip Off

I had purchased over 400 domains with them last year.

Everything was fine for a year until it came time to renew. I use their panel to renew all my names and am only able to renew 72% of the names, the other names the system said they had problems when trying to renew.

When submitting support tickets, they say that there are problems to work out... to just give it some time. Then they close the support ticket (with no resolution to the problem).

I've been battling with them for over 5 weeks on this problem, that's when a partner said to check the internet and see that they have lots of postings that describe the same problems I've been encountering.

I tried their online chat and had to wait over an hour online just to "chat" with someone. You can try this for yourself, just to see how lousy their support is.

To make matters worse, they charged an extra $600 on my credit card last month. I disputed it of course, and now they charged an extra $1,150 this month. So I'm disputing that also, but I recommend not to give them your credit card info, only use paypal, and even then check each of your credit card statements for these 'stray' charges.

I have never had so many problems in domain registration as I have with this company. They are crooks and I believe they are preventing me from renewing some of my domains, for whatever purpose they have.

You can get a domain with them if you want, but wait a year and see what happens to all the work you put into your website, only to have someone send you an email saying, "sorry, we have problems with the system, please wait..."

Whoever it was above that said Registerfly is the best, is probably from the company and is trying to do some damage control, and instead of taking time to post on this blog, why don't they take the time to fix their internal problems? They'll take your money and never be there to help you.

For me... I wish I had never heard of Registerfly and I regret that my existing names are locked in with them. I'll never use them again.

If you want to purchase many domain names, the best thing to do beforehand is to google a search on the registrar's name with the words "complaint" or "lawsuit" afterwards and see what comes up. I have some other registrars I use that are actually very good, and am going to continue to use, but I'll never use Registerfly again.

Registerfly going bankrupt?

I have not been able to renew my expired domains with them inspite of trying multiple times during the last 3 days. First they said it was a 'Registry error' which will get sorted out in a few hours and now it has been over 2 days and their Support department has even stopped replying to my tickets.

I guess they are unable to pay their master registrar (Enom I guess) for renewals/registrations and must be in a real financial mess. Anybody has any idea about this? Maybe we'll hear some news about filing for bankruptcy soon.

I have been waiting for their Live chat support to respond for the last 30 minutes! All I get is this message:
"All our operators are currently assisting others customers. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly". When I call, I get the answering machine saying I am no.19 and wait for over 30 minutes and I am still at no. 12!

I will definately NEVER use them ever. They dont care what happens to people like us who have put in their hard earned money and sweat into building their websites.

Just want to warn all people out there to TRANSFER out their valuable domains asap or they'll be stuck like me.



I called today I have the same problem with stuck in limbo domains! Because the "Breakaway from ENOM issue" and their becoming "their own ICANN accredited registrar". Their support is no longer a "your are number # in the queue, yur hold time is so many minutes (hours)" Now it simply says "we apologize for the delay please hold for the next available agent" When after 30 minutes I got an agent he could not hardly speak English!!!! I had to spell my account name like 20 times before he understood which account he was in" I did see access in my account by the infamous your account was accessed by email. !!!!! ON THE UPSIDE I THINK GODADDY IS GOING TO MEDIATE GETTING MY DOMAINS BACK FOR ME. FIND OUT TOMORROW!

Is there anything we can do????

I'm having the same problems as many others. My domain was going to expire 12/12. I renewed with Registerfly on 12/8. I received an error message, so I tried again - and received another error message. However, my credit card was charged the renewal fee of $8.99 twice. I submitted a support ticket and received a response that was so wrought with misspellings and grammatical errors that it was illegible.

I continued to receive expiration notices, so I submitted another support ticket. I was told the renewal was being processed. I then received a failure notice and submitted another support ticket. On December 13, I called (was on hold for 20+ minutes) and finally spoke with someone who told me the domain would be processed within 24 hours.

On Dec 15, I realized my web site was GONE and I was no longer receiving any emails sent to my business email address (via the site). I submitted another support ticket and also called. I was on hold for 20+ minutes before someone finally got on the line, placed me back on hold, and then disconnected. I called back, waited another 20+ minutes. I was again told it would take 24 hours to process. It's now been 48 hours and my site is still down. I called again today (12/17) and was on hold for more than an hour (toll call) before hanging up. I also tried calling the phone number that was listed on my payment receipt, but it's been disconnected.

My domain is for a business web site that I need functional. It disturbs me a great deal that my clients are unable to access my site or reach me through my business email.

When I use the "viewwhois" site, it shows my domain doesn't expire until 12/2007. But it's showing as expired in my Registerfly account. It seems to be in limbo right now and I'm losing business and customers every day it's offline.

Is there anything that can be done, aside from complaining to the BBB, ICANN, the Atty General, etc? Is there any way to regain control of my domain? I invested a lot of time in building the site and I'm just sick that it's inaccessible.

I don't understand how this company is getting away with this. Not only are they charging credit cards without providing service, but they're devastating businesses by causing nonfunctional websites.

Major Screw-Ups

I to have had a horrible time renewing domains with registerfly... I have receipts that various domains have been renewed... yet I keep getting emails saying they are about to expire... I called the 24 hours support line (which is only up 18 hours a day) and spoke with a gentlemen who tried to be helpful... he assured me that my domains were being renewed... and to disregard any emails I may get saying otherwise... so guess what... one of the domains is now being redirected to their generic page... I'm trying to run a business... 85% of my customers come through my Website and these crooks are redirecting my domain... I will try to call their 24 hour support line again tomorrow when it opens... this is really horrible... stay away if you can... and for the clown above who says none of us know how to manage our domains... FO...

Just lost 2 domains because of these crooks

2 valuable domains were set to expire on 27th November. Renewed them on 24th...or should I say tried to renew.

6 weeks, about 15 support tickets and a couple of phone calls later, my domains are now registered to someone else - I have lost them.

I am moving all of my domains away from registerfly and would advise anyone DO NOT USE REGISTERFLY, they do not care about the customer at all.

It's a pity that only people who have been burned by these scumbags will read all these horror stories and not those that are already using them or those that are looking for a registrar so I will try and add a few phrases for Google's benefit perhaps others can do the same?

Good Luck People!


lost domains

I have been going through all of the above for weeks. When I am able to get someone on the line I just get the same bs... "your domains will be up in 24 hours..." Nothing.
I have filed complaints with the NJ attorney general, ICANN and BBB. I suppose we are all just screwed. I would like to drive over to their office and do some real damage to those crooks.
If anybody finds a way to hurt them business-wise let me know!

Another RegisterFly refugee

Domain was to expire on 1-17-07, so I renewed with RegisterFly on 1-3-07. Credit card was billed and account showed transfer pending. Seeing no activity on the transfer, I opened a "support" ticket. No response. Tried live chat support. 48 hours of messages telling me to wait. Telephone support. Two days of 8 hours waiting, never answered. Called billing. One hour waiting, finally got a message that the voice mailbox was full. Complained to ICANN and got an email with the phone number of a Vice President of Registerfly, Glenn Stansbury (973-909-4169). His voicemail says that he's out of the office Dec. 1 to Dec 6. I guess he decided to stay away. I left him a message anyway -- and an email. No reply.

In order to avoid an interruption of service, I phoned ENOM, who RegisterFly has used to register my domain a few years ago. I paid $30 to have them push my domain to a direct account with them, and within 6 hours a year was added to my domain. (It may be a ripoff, but it's a relief!)

I'll be switching all of my domains to GoDaddy and joining any actions against RegisterFly.

I am a patient person who has in the past recommended Registerfly to many friends. If you have any domains registered with them, GET OUT NOW!

Domain name LOST

I want to join a law suite against RF.


I have been with RegisterFly for 2 years, and haven’t had any problems (well, minor ones) until now. Domain name renewal notices were sent to me at the begining of the year. I used my credit card, but was notified that it was declined. I tried several times to get it fixed, but no response. Then I received my credit card bill and surprise, there was the charge for my domain name renewal!

I’ve been still getting notices that my domain name is up for renewal, close to 20 by now, but still no answer to my many e-mails to try and resolve my problem. I have a website to run, and can’t take the chance that someone is going to screw up my hard work. I’ve since started the process to switch to a more responsible & credible registrar.

I have also had the some problems with creating a ticket and name renewal. Up to now, there were no problems. Has the corporation fallen to greedy owners/shareholders? It's too bad that companies screw around with their customers. With the power of the Internet, their mismanagement & incompetence will only backfire and serve to (hopefully) put them out of business!
Good Luck to us all!

RegisterFly blows

"You guys are funny... I would say you all are crooks. "
Just Google RegisterFly and explain to to me how they could be the "best." There are hundreds if not thousands of complaints against Registerfly.

"I came to concluding that you all are don't know how to use RegisterFly idiots."
Learn some basic Enlish grammar properly before you start calling people idiots.

Get out...but how?

My domains are up for renewal with RF. I already lost 2 of them as EXPIRED because I had to wait for their "this may take 1-5 days to transfer to our name registrar" crap. So what is the best way to transfer out? Renew with RF, or just get the transfers going elswhere without the renewal?

It's obvious you work for

It's obvious you work for them. You sound just like a support ticket...CLOSED!

I hate RegisterFly, but then again so does everybody else

I couldn't agree more with all the comments here about RegisterFly's overbilling, terrible support, and fraudulent practices. My own story is at

In addition, there's a great resource for information about RegisterFly at I thought this discussion thread should be listed there, so I've added it to their forum.

Some people are now saying that RegisterFly is blocking transfer-out requests, so if you still have domains registered with RF, good luck retaining control of them!



Registerfly is a company to avoid at all cost. We have been hosting our website with them and it has been repeatdly down. This time for more than a week.
We would like to start legal action against them

Check out other complaints

Check out other complaints at Supposedly a class action suit is in the making.

Registerfly Lawsuits

The lawsuits are coming for sure. Class actions may not be possible given the wide variety of circumstances which people are facing. We are handling a number of cases on behalf of domain registrants. Some clients are having us file lawsuits asking for injunctive relief to preclude loss of registration or third party transfer. Many people have lot of money tied up in their domains are simply trying to stem their losses. In any event, it is doubtful that Registerfly will be in a position to pay money damages by the time it is done unraveling.

More Registerfly litigation info here ..

"reseller is not responding"

For all of you who can't control ur domains in regesterfly,,

you can make an account on :

then you can transfer your domain, and when its ask you for VCC

just type "reseller is not responding"

then you can get your domains!

i just tried it and it's work great!

the conartist -Registerfly

Currently there is a fraud (defrauding customers) investigation has been carried out by numerous authorities.

The investigation carried out includes, ICANN, EnOM, AND Morrison County Sheriff ‘Office.

It looks one of the co-founder Kevin has swindled most of the customers money and left the company, the current CEO (con no :2) is also part of company Unifies has promised to improve the service but yet to poof.

Last two years we have lost large amount of business because of the low class derange sick morons.

Unfortunately we have over 5000 very important saved email which we can not delete, as a result we are stuck with RF until someone can same all of the and transfer it to reputable company.

I have personally set my self to make sure one of the responsible CEO will go to jail for defrauding innocent customer……

Can anyone shed further light in to this please

Registerfly Sucks

Recently Registerfly and enom split. There was a phone number that you were suppose to call and no one answered it. I was on hold several times for ever. I could not transfer the domain through there online system so I needed to contact them. I tried opening a ticket, sending emails and calling. Not one response to several open tickets or the email.

Oh yeah the took the money for the quarterly hosting fee. I can not even get ahold of them to ask for that back.

They really suck... Be aware very aware. Do not do business with them.

Looking forward to seeing Kevin in Jail!

Hey Kevin and the rest of the crooks,

I'm looking forward to hopefully one day reading the Star Ledger and finding out that you're on your way to jail for ripping people off and ruining people's livlihoods.   Just in case you couldn't tell,  I'm one of those people and have joined in on the class-action lawsuit and have offered all my "evidence" if lawyers require it.

I implore everybody who has been screwed over to save any and all e-mails from RF,  go to your RF account and print screen everything you can,  payment records, overcharges, failed renewals, etc etc.   You may never need it, but it's best to be on the safe side and have a record of how you have been screwed over.  It will probably be only a matter of time before they start deleting everything IMHO, so start saving all your evidence now.

P.S.  For the honest employees who still work at RF and are trying to help out, your efforts are appreciated.  We know there are still some of you there and have no connection to Kevin and his boys.


Domain Hosting

Do not use Register fly, they have little regard for service provision. My domain has been down for a month, rang sent emails, faxed..... no response. They are a ship with no one repsonding.