How to get RegisterFly Authorization Codes

I've written previously about a few of the reasons everyone on earth should avoid RegisterFly. One of the questions that comes up from time to time is how to get the Authorization Code needed to transfer your domain away from them. The secret in my case was that you had to turn off "Private" registration and then the authorization code shows up in their Whois system. It may not be a great option for some but it's better than loosing domains.



it is not possible to

it is not possible to transfer any domain out. codes are either invalid and domains will always report "locked"

how to do what you suggest

Thanks for the helpful info...could you please tell me how to go about turning off Private reg.? I am logged into R-fly right now and cannot figure it out.
I tried to get 10 of my domains out of there and 9 failed!

Make domains public

I've been free of RegisterFly for a while so I don't have the exact steps. The key when I got my domains out was to go in and cancel the private registration or make them "public" but I don't have the exact steps. Possibly some good soul will post them.

How to get regfly auth codes

log in, username/password; under regfly logo on top left of website homepage

if u r not at "control panel", click on "manage my acct", link is directly to right of where u logged in

tabs* above the large red lettering "Acct control panel" are to navigate thru acct, choose "manage domains"

click directly on the domain name u need the auth code for (DO NOT CHECK THE BOX IN FRONT OF THE DOMAIN NAME)

click on (I think it is called) Domain acct profile info, it's the first option under the block of info that contains domain information - including domain status which tells u if the domain is locked or unlocked (this is where u may UNLOCK your domain if status is "locked" - in case u r trying to transfer.

[at this point, turn off the whois protection if it is active, then repeat above. If you have trouble turning it off, use the "services" tab*, and turn it off from there]

scroll all the way to the bottom and click the blue (or red) rectangular button that says either "edit" or "manage"...something like that

then scroll to the bottom again. Directly below the billing info should be the auth code.

Registerfly epp codes

The code name that is listed under WhoIs will read "Auth Code", but this pseudocode will not allow you to transfer a domain. I've tried contacting Registerfly by e-mail and phone, and both services are unavailable. Registerfly DOES continue to process credit card charges for domain renewals, although those renewals are not processed. This is consumer fraud and should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission:

Parasites of the internet

This whole Registerfly thing is a gigantic mess. If you haven't already, you should check out

T Today, When you do the

Today, When you do the above procedure, you won't see the auth code anymore, and when you change the domain information, the system will say "the domain name not found..." I have lost 5 a one words dot com domains with RF.

i found out how it works

ok so here goes, i THINK i was succesfull in transferring my names to godaddy. I logged into registerfly clicked on the name i needed, unlocked protect fly, then clicked on modify contact info then at the very bottom was my authorization code, i plugged both numbers for both URLS into godaddy and it looks like its working.... im praying that this works and i get my 28 names outta registerfly and into godaddy safely and hassle free. good luck to anyone else!

Registerfly sucks

Is there anyway around the auth code to transfer my domains .... been able to unlock my domain and disable the protecfly but the auth code wont show up. I phoned support but the after waiting for 15 min the the guy just hanged up the phone.


I'm From Tasmania, So I can't even call these bastards, It seems that 2 of my domains are now GONE, Washed away with no way to gain a Auth Code/EPP to even hope that they will work and bastards won't reply anything + ontop of it, all my records of billing in my initial attempts of renewal have magically disappeared from the reports section. I'm not impressed, to say the least.

Transfering Domain

Hey All! I just found a new host for all my domains (originally with RFly) - and they have been nothing but helpful!!!

As soon as I told them what was going on - they knew exactly what to do, and now my domain is safe, and working great! Check them out! If you want to move from the fly - these people are great!

I logged in,

I logged in, clicked on my domain, went to the "Manage Domain" tab, then to the right side and clicked "wois contact information" scrolled down to the very bottom, and found the words "Authorization Code," but NO CODE! What the hell! I can only guess, from everyone's experience here, that they're trying to hide this information from me. This is dirty.

I logged in,

I logged in, clicked on my domain, went to the "Manage Domain" tab, then to the right side and clicked "wois contact information" scrolled down to the very bottom, and found the words "Authorization Code," but NO CODE! What the hell! I can only guess, from everyone's experience here, that they're trying to hide this information from me. This is dirty.

Let's take to Court

Hello All Victims of Registerfly!
Let's take the RF to court and give the bastard the lesson.
I am a victim of RF, and complaining since 2003 to RF bastards, Since 2003, I have lost over 40 domains and I know these acts are by the owners job. Registerfly is a trap. You choose the domain and sell it in front of your nose. Although all of my lost domains were paid and never got credit for any failure renewal.
Let's get together online. Someone has to take the initiative and SUUED the bastards and put the to Abuguraib Jail. I know these Registerfly bastards are Cyber Criminal.

Disabling Protectfly on Rfly

I am trying to disable the protect fly status, and continually get the following error:

Registrant: Contact is not valid for requested types to modify: Missing required field: owner countryInvalid data for owner country code

I have tried a variety of combinations for valid addresses in countries and have had no success. Any suggestions?

RegisterFly Crap

I had an account with these fools and they overbilled my CC nearly $300.00. When I told the CC comapny about it, the CC company did a Chargeback on them. It is at that point they suspended my account, even though they were in the wrong. I spent 3 months trying to fix the problem.

The so called customer support just sucked badly.

I have found a super easy way to get off RegisterFlew! Go to Put your domain name in the automated transfer box. Then authorize the transfer via e-mail. That's it! It was easy for me, but a buddy had a hell of a time with it.

At any rate, I am off and RegisterCrap is going down the tubes!!!


Send an email to and you will get your Authorization code. I just got mines this morning. Good luck to everyone.

Registerfly Victims STAND UP

Registerfly Victims STAND UP FIGHT BACK!!!

Contact Kevin Medina Directly!!!

Losing you domains, fraudulent credit card charges, fight back NOW!

Read Article:

Contact Kevin Medina's lawyer directly, I would suggest contacting the entire firm, because my complaints were emailed directly to Kevin Medina. Kevin's personal lawyer Eugenie F. Temmler won't help you, but if you contact all the lawyers at once that will get your problems forwarded directly to Kevin Medina CEO of Registerfly (Scumbag)

I made it simple to just cut and paste in to your email program. This firm wants to represent this idiot then they can help the thousands of victims.,,,,,,,,,,,, S. Robert Allcorn Elliot M. Baumgart David H. Ben-Asher Jonathan Bourne Teresa Boyle-Vellucci Keith B. Carlson Fredda Katcoff David Owen Harold Rabner Robert Reilert Dennis H. Sabourin Jerome E. Sharfman Eugenie F. Temmler

Rabner, Allcorn, Baumgart & Ben-Asher
52 Upper Montclair Plaza (Upper Montclair)
Montclair, New Jersey 07043
Telephone: 973-744-4000
Fax: 973-783-1524


Here's what you get when sending an e-mail to the following RegisterFly address. At least there's someone at the end of the tunnel despite the fact their phones have been disconnected.

Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 14:22:51 -0400 (EDT)

HELLO EVERYONE THAT IS DEPENDANT ON MY EMAIL TO RESOLVE SUPPORT ISSUES, AS WELL KNOWN WE HAVE BEEN THRU QUITE A RIDE, AT THIS TIME I AM BACKED UP TO EXTREMES I MUST ANSWER REQUESTS IN ORDER OF RECEIVAL, SO PLEASE UNDERSTAND MY POSITION, I AM ANSWERING AS FAR AS LAST WEDNESDAY'S EMAIL (4/17/07) AT THIS TIME THE VOLUME OF EMAILS IS IN THE FAR! HUNDREDS, I WILL REPLY TO YOURS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GENEROUS PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING DURING THESE VERY DIFFICULT TIMES...WITH ALL DUE RESPECTS-CORDIALLY, YO..............FOR NEW CLIENTS: Thank you for your email. We will reply as soon as possible. My name is Yo, and I am the rep in charge of your account request at this time. You will most definitely receive a reply from me, however please keep in mind that at this time the volume of requests is extremely high. We at Registerfly are working diligently to reach everyone as quick as possible. Thank you for your patience.

I'm lucky enough to not have

I'm lucky enough to not have had any domain with them, I hope you guys manage to get your money and domains back.

Is anybody having problems

Is anybody having problems with their email or web site and they have their domain thru Register Fly? My email has been down for two days and we can't get thru to the their tach support or customer service. Does anybody know what is going on?

This company (Registerfly) is

This company (Registerfly) is having severe problems and is holding domain names hostage