Another form of inflation

Apple yesterday released it's new iTunes with the associated online store. Most songs are priced at $0.99 each. At first glance this seems reasonable but with a second look it's far too much. While the record industry consistently cites distribution as one of it's costs and artists consistently talk about how little they make from a typical album there should be a lower cost online. The cost to Apple of delivering a stream of bits is much lower than shipping plastic discs around the country. At this rate the average 10-15 song album will cost $10-$15.... the same as it does today at the record store. This seeming great idea ends up being yet another form of inflation in costs to the consumer.

Monster's Monsterous Cop-Out

According to reports on the web Monster will modify several resumes and remove job postings today. Citing Federal laws the company says it must remove references to certain countries. So if your resume says you travelled in, worked in or studied in some countries Monster will be deleting portions of your resume. Time for a new, and open, resume and job base.

Looking for tools

What are the best reporting tools out there? What about analysis tools? Why don't there seem to be affordable combinations of the two. Crystal Reports does a decent job of reporting but is lacking in many scheduling and analysis items in my book. Like good histograms -- so is Excel for that matter -- one must first crunch the numbers to put them into a graph. I want something that does nice graphs in a few easy steps. What PHP tools are out there for this?

Management Strategy

INC. Magazine has a great article this month on open book style management at Atlas Container Corp. Can open book management work in public institutions? Schools? What about within portions of larger companies? Can a small portion of a very large company implement enough elements of open book practices while keeping the corporate types at bay?


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