Communications is key

A positive meeting this meeting with our Vice-Provost for Information Technology reminds me about my basic philosophy of business. Communications is key. First off, my bias, I have a degree in communications and have worked in several professional roles doing communications. That said, there is little that can't be accomplished if you learn to communicate well. Sometimes the most critical piece of communicating is learning when to say nothing at all and learning how to say something succinctly and clearly.

Communicating to the audience is also key. In an instance this weekend I sent a broadcast communication without thinking enough about the audience. There was at least one person, Sam, who got the message and was concerned about what I had to say. The issue did not affect Sam, but my message was ambiguous, putting it kindly, to the point of implying that Sam would be impacted. A better choice of words and clearer communication with more forethought about the entire audience would have prevented the confusion and prevented Sam from being converted.

Thoughts for a new year

Marty Nemko offers some good career resolutions for 2005. He circles around a theme but never quite lands on the most important idea. Think of your career like a business. You're CEO of your career and the one-person company that is your career is the most likely vehicle you have to succeed. Just like a Fortune 500 company you need to plan, budget, prioritize, increase education and understand the competitive marketplace. Although your annual report may look more like a holiday letter than a 50 or 100 page glossy, it is the process that is important. What is on your strategic plan for 2005-2010?

The day after

Trying to catch up after the holiday.

Dave Winer is working on eliminating referer spam. I'm not sure how his system works, and undoubtedly it's better than I would have thought of but it seems to me I sometimes see as "referrer" the last page someone visited even if they didn't click on a link. So if I go to after visiting a page with no link to Scripting News will it get blacklisted.

I mention this because I was looking at Scripting News on my new Treo650 this morning. What RSS readers are available for Palm/Treo devices. Most of my blogging could rapidly become mBlogging. The best part is never sitting somewhere and wishing I had something to read. For the podcasting crowd we need a aggregator that can be run in the PalmOS and uses the built in networking to catch podcasts.

How dumb do they think we are?

In the just how dumb do you think we are category comes this factoid from "The primary pornography consumer group is boys between ages 12-17." What?

Let's pretend for a moment this has the least bit of credibility. About half of the sources on the page of factoids are credited to a source, this one is not. So a product that is not available for sale to minors has it's primary audience in the 12-17 year old range? Huh?

Perhaps it's all the 12 year-olds in the local adult video store who drive this statistic. Oh, you say they aren't allowed. Then perhaps they have been ordering it via mailorder. Given the billions spent on this material each year then they must be ordering at least half a million dollars. It is most likely just delivered to their houses and their parents hand it to them... No wait all of these are stupid arguments. It's amazing that with all the problems in the world a group of religious fanatics is so focused on making sure others can't do as they wish. But the same fanatics will continue to support a culture that promotes violence.

A bad slasher reprise

Electronic Data Systems chief Michael Jordan announced Thursday that a total of 20,000-25,000 jobs will be eliminated over the next two years (including 5,000 already slashed). The move comes as the company tries to attempt a death spiral. This summer Moody's downgraded the outsourcing behemoth's stock to junk status. It is pretty certain that they will find any way possible to cut the experienced people who once made the company successful in deference to cheaper labor.

Insurance companies

When the insurance didn't pay the dentist we call the dentist to see why the discrepancy. We don't know call the insurance company. We call the insurance company, "The dentist is out of network."

Why would we choose that dentist? Because he is on the list of in-network providers the insurance company gave us!


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