Lady's Luck runs out

The holidays won't be so bright for employees, or former employees, of the Lady Luck casino in Las Vegas. Eleven days before Christmas the hotel fired 125 employees. A total of 689 employees are expected to loose their jobs by February. The cutbacks come as the casino plans a major renovation. Hopefully some of them can get picked up by the South Coast in time for its year-end opening.

Calling in sick

KGW TV has a report (video) about the abuse of sick leave in government employment. The report found that several employees had between 35 and 60 sick days a year. The report selected only employees who called in 1-2 days at a time and still managed to rack up major amounts of time. It is frustrating to see people take advantage of a system designed give people a necessary benefit in a way that will make employers less likely to provide such benefits in the future.

NBC brings Law & Order to iTunes

NBC Universal announced today that the company will distribute 11 television shows through the iTunes music store. The shows include classic television shows Dragnet and Knight Rider and newer titles including Law & Order and The Tonight Show.

As with the Disney titles in the store, each title will be priced at $1.99 per show.

In just over a month since introduction Apple reports more than 3 million videos have been purchased through the music store. It could be very interesting to look back on this time in a few decades. As prime-time television became an American mainstay family time decreased significantly. With the increasing ease of watching one's favorite shows on ever longer commute there just might be some extra time on a cold winter's eve. Who knows we might all even be forced to learn a musical instrument to pass the time.

The RegisterFly Debacle

Wow! This is a huge mistake in the making. It all started a few months back when a colleague was looking to register a domain name. Another colleague suggested All went well and both colleagues were happy.

Earlier this week I finally got around to getting out from under Network Solutions. I'm tired of paying premium prices for terrible service. So having collected several domains I'd left with another terrible registrar (EnameCo), I set out to transfer the domains to RegisterFly.

Old data

Where do you want to go today? The marketing slogan from Microsoft might reach up and bite them. As the announcements of Longhorn's change to Vista are abounding so is the news that their new mapping product deletes Apple's Headquarters. It appears they are using terribly old dating back to the late 20th-century. If you look closely maybe there is even a Lisa being turned out.

One has to wonder at the thought process, or lack thereof, that goes into releasing a mapping product to compete with Google and using data that is so very old. Maybe it was cheap for a reason.

Emails 'pose threat to IQ'

Dr. Glenn Wilson, a psychiatrist at King's College, London University, has done some research suggesting that emails, text and phone messages have a negative impact on IQ. In fact the average IQ loss in the studies commissioned by Hewlett Packard was 10 points, or more than double the average loss in studies of pot users.

It gives a whole new meaning to smoke breaks. In the information technology age workers might have to smoke a little weed every once in a while to get their brain cells back. That is not the exact conclusion the study draws, but the implications are widespread. Other findings mentioned in the article include that a third of respondents felt that answering text messages and emails during face to face meetings with other people had become acceptable and is seen as a sign of diligence. And the finding that two-thirds of respondents look at their work email while they are off or on vacation.


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